Sunday, November 27, 2005

Boulevard Broke the Dream


Muse meets the Killers meets Modest Mouse with a smidge of The Cure thrown into the mix. It took me a few songs to put my finger on the exact influence I heard in Boulevard's music, but I managed it. The five-piece band from Athens opened up the show last night at Smith's Olde Bar for James Hall, who I didn't even bother to stay for since I was so satisfied with hearing Boulevard and then leaving when the Julia Dream came on.

It's no secret that I like a band with some stage presence, so I wasn't disappointed in the least when the curtains opened in sync with the first taps of the drumsticks and Boulevard came out with their pretty eyeliner donned faces and upbeat sound. They utilize a keyboard on all of their songs, which is beautifully present throughout. Even better is that the keyboard player, Stephen James, somehow managed to work the entire stage (and room for that matter) from his little corner with many twirling dance moves and animated facial expressions. About halfway through the set, front man Benji Barton shed his guitar and grabbed the mic to concentrate on belting out the tunes for the rest of the show. This was a great move considering his mastery of the pelvic thrust, booty shake, and "do me" look to make the ladies swoon.

By the end of the night, thanks to my cohort Greg, I had a copy of their record Vice & Daring in my hands, and we listened to it in the car while in route to the next bar, making sure to repeat my favorite track, Marie, over and over. Its super catchy tune and lyrics you can sing along to make it stand out from the rest, and you could tell the band was having a feel good time while playing it. Boulevard will be having a CD release show at the Drunken Unicorn on December 9th, and I highly suggest you get your ass in gear and make it out, then be sure to purchase the album.

Download the Marie mp3 here.
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