Monday, October 17, 2005

This "Night Out", I Should've Stayed In...

Boys Night Out

A friend of mine got me on the list to attend the Nintendo Fusion Tour show at the Tabernacle this past weekend so that I could go see one of my guilty pleasure bands, Motion City Soundtrack. So, I went over to the Tabernacle (first time I've been to any kind of church on a Sunday in years) with an acquaintance and trekked up the stairs to the very top balcony to see them play.

I'm a punctual individual, so we were a little early. Before Motion City Soundtrack came out, my friend and I had to endure the subpar musical style of a band I had never heard of, Boys Night Out. Honestly, the last time I heard such a god awful noise was when I was walking past the Vans stage at the Warped Tour when Atreyu was covering Bon Jovi. Not only does Boys Night Out sound like every other screamo/emo band out there at the moment, but their appearance announces that they are desperately trying to appeal to any and every angst ridden teenager in existence by making sure each member of the five-piece band flaunts a different stereotype.

My fellow concert-goer pointed out that the lead singer was probably a cheerleader gone bad. And no, the lead singer is not a chick. One minute he was singing an almost bearable tune, and then the next, he was screaming some lyrics into the microphone, even though I'm pretty sure no one knew what he was trying to sing. My ears were bleeding in a bad way before Motion City came out, and for that, I'm going to recommend you make like a girl and stay home when the occasion is "Boys Night Out."
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