Monday, October 31, 2005

I Hate Geometry, Except for this Kind.

One of my most favorite pasttimes is laying on my overly comfortable eggplant couch with a cup of coffee or hot tea and a book. This is one of those scenarios I find incomplete without the presence of music. I have found the perfect CD for such occasions. Strange Geometry by the Clientele has become a staple in my CD collection, which is a hard spot to accumulate, as anyone that knows me can attest to.

This is one of those albums you can put in the player, listen through the whole thing, and then repeat it and not get tired of the music. From the first tune, Since K Got Over Me, I was hooked on it. The lyrics are quite heartwrenching if you listen closely, yet the actual music is somewhat uplifting. There is a lull of heartbroken emotion that hangs over the entire CD, yet it's not particularly depressing. Toward the end of the album, Losing Haringey plays, which is one of those songs where the entire verse is spoken and tells a story, much like how Chris Martin of Coldplay attacks The Streets' Dry Your Eyes.

Other favorite tracks of mine include E.M.P.T.Y., Spirit, and Impossible. I have it on good authority that the other albums by the Clientele are just as good or better than this one, and this one is pretty damn good, so once the bills are paid and the fun has been had, I am going to start building my collection of the Clientele's catalog.

Go here to purchase the Clientele's CDs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Shows than Cher's Farewell Tour

Next week will be hectic if you are a lover of live music like myself. Thankfully, the paycheck is coming just in time for this schedule:

  • October 28th: Death From Above 1979 is doing an instore DJ set at Criminal Records (466 Moreland Ave. next to Junkman's Daughter) after a night of playing Philips with Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age. Just for Atlanta. Should be awesome, and it's free!
  • October 29th: VHS or Beta will be at Vinyl 1374 W. Peachtree) for the 3rd annual Halloween party/show thing with Venice is Sinking. $12.00
  • November 1st: The Clientele will be at the EARL (488 Flat Shoals) with Annie Hayden. The new CD, Strange Geometry, is one of my favorites, so this is one I will not be missing. $10.00
  • November 3rd: Kill Gordon is scheduled to do an acoustic set at the Cosmopolitan Lounge (45 Thirteenth Street). I have a feeling that Kyle will rock more than that crowd's faces. $5.00
  • November 4th: The Academy Is... at the Tabernacle (152 Luckie Street) with All-American Rejects. Don't know if I'll be making this one, but if you've never seen William Beckett on stage, then you haven't witnessed the birth of a true rockstar. $20.00
  • November 5th: Depeche Mode at the Gwinnett Arena (OTP, it doesn't need an address). No explanantion needed.

Monday, October 17, 2005

This "Night Out", I Should've Stayed In...

Boys Night Out

A friend of mine got me on the list to attend the Nintendo Fusion Tour show at the Tabernacle this past weekend so that I could go see one of my guilty pleasure bands, Motion City Soundtrack. So, I went over to the Tabernacle (first time I've been to any kind of church on a Sunday in years) with an acquaintance and trekked up the stairs to the very top balcony to see them play.

I'm a punctual individual, so we were a little early. Before Motion City Soundtrack came out, my friend and I had to endure the subpar musical style of a band I had never heard of, Boys Night Out. Honestly, the last time I heard such a god awful noise was when I was walking past the Vans stage at the Warped Tour when Atreyu was covering Bon Jovi. Not only does Boys Night Out sound like every other screamo/emo band out there at the moment, but their appearance announces that they are desperately trying to appeal to any and every angst ridden teenager in existence by making sure each member of the five-piece band flaunts a different stereotype.

My fellow concert-goer pointed out that the lead singer was probably a cheerleader gone bad. And no, the lead singer is not a chick. One minute he was singing an almost bearable tune, and then the next, he was screaming some lyrics into the microphone, even though I'm pretty sure no one knew what he was trying to sing. My ears were bleeding in a bad way before Motion City came out, and for that, I'm going to recommend you make like a girl and stay home when the occasion is "Boys Night Out."