Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dive Bars and Local Stars

Friday night two of my favorite local acts played under the same roof, which made my life easier, so I expected to be pleased with the performance as well. I headed over to Lenny's in East Atlanta, and luckily, my expectations were fulfilled by both Kill Gordon and Sovus Radio.

For only having been together for a month or so as a full band, Kill Gordon pulled out a great show. The vocals were super charged, and Kyle Gordon's retro and classic sound meshed well with the bass, guitar, and drums. Although they play a simple sound, it hits big and catches your ear, while Kyle's all-over-the-place guitar shredding catches your eye.

Sovus Radio wrapped up the showcase with a set that the chanting crowd would not allow to be cut short. Debuting a couple of new songs turned out to be a pleaser for all who were in attendence. One tune in particular really drew the crowd in with the roller coaster of sound that was amped by the keyboards and bass through extended instrumentals. Overall, Sovus Radio proved that they deserved the Atlanta Music Guide's nod for Best New Band this year.
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